The Landlord stole $285 from me

Miami, Florida 3 comments

I want to file a complaint against the Landlord of Lakeland, FL who did not refund my $285 back to me after throwing me out of his Alexan at Lakeside Village Apartments due to the fact that I cannot find a job in Lakeland or surrounding area.The $285 was the amount that I paid at the moving date which was on Friday, April 10, 2009.

Six days later, the Landlord came knocking to ask me if I'm working, and I said no, but I've been looking for a job to keep up with the rent, and the Landlord kicked me out his apartments and he did not refund my $285 back to me.

Yet the Landlord makes Millions of Dollars every year, and he refused to refund my $285 on top of that.I want my $285 back, because I'm already fired up and I'm definitely upset.



If you really think you have a case - go to small claims court. If you win it will result in a ding against his credit score!


Story smells worse than a septic tank. It only took 6 days to throw you out? Sounds to me like you never paid for the first months rent.


That money is the deposit you gave him for the apartment, that is actually a cheap deposit.Usually the landlord will require 1 month rent.

He is not required to give you this money back. The money is used to pay for any repairs or repainting or re carpeting or anything that has to updated as a result of the tenants negligence. If you are not making your monthly payment, I would probably keep it also. The only way you can really get your money back is by taking photos that prove you left the apartment in the same condition you moved in.

Then you can take him to court.Otherwise it is your word against his

Landlord is a Drug Addict

Irvine, California 0 comments

I had given my Landlord first month deposit + 1/2 of rental = $1,500. Agreement to pay an additional $700 upon occupying the rental unit. I have learned (from my new neighbors to be) that my Landlord "Paul", whose actual name is Joseph is a "Cronic Icehead" and have had numerous confrontations with the local police.

I called "Paul" and told him that we have decided not to acquire the new rental due to "unforeseen circumstances" and that we would like our refund of $1,500. "Paul" is now refusing to give us back, in addition, he has a very foul mouth!

What can I do?

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